Pain of Retribution (Power sword)

Fixed_Sword.pngThe Pain of Retribution or simply “The Pain” is Black Templar Lucius Alyxander’s signature weapon. At first glance the sword appears to be the standard and relatively common Ingelldina pattern, only slightly modified. However those with the eye for detail can tell it is a master-crafted weapon, rich in detail and design, appearing ragged due to its constant usage throughout the centuries. It is a beautiful sword, albeit lacking in maintenance, still capable of cutting through the thickest armor or the toughest enemy with supreme ease. The Pain of Retribution holds great significance to Lucius for it was owned by his mentor, Castellan Reinhart. It was sent it to him during his Watch in the Jericho sector.

The pommel is a golden orb with embossed detail obscured. The etchings on the sword guard are still clear Litanies of Hatred against the enemies of man; the Black Templar’s cross and skull decorates the center with dull golden hues. The razor-sharp blade is six feet in length and retains a metallic shine despite being blackened during its forging a hundred thousand years ago. An unusual feature of the power sword is the seemingly unstable-looking power field that sheathes the blade. The activated power field pulses rather violently, small whips of static electricity lash outwardly and cling to nearby surfaces. Striking against another blade or armor, the power field would ‘splash’ around the struck area not unlike waves of water crashing against a cliff side. So if one cuts deep into flesh with this weapon, the power field would expand momentarily around the wound causing great damage to gargantuan targets.

The erratic power field is not by any means an original design of the hundred thousand year-old relic, and suddenly activated during Lucius’ battle with a Tau battlesuit. It was just happenstance that the wild power field improved the weapon’s killing ability. Suspecting a faulty power-field generator, Lucius inquired the techpriests about the dangers of the anomaly. Much to the surprise of both Lucius and the acolytes of Mars, they could not find any cause for concern. Readings on the sword’s generator state that while the output of energy has tremendously increased, it would neither destroy the sword nor endanger its wielder. In fact, they could not find any reason for the energy to behave the way it does, aside from the power pack sending the energy in pulses around the blade. The only thing the priest could find of note was that the black blade has an unknown compound mixed into the adamantium. Believing this to be another blessed manifestation of the Omnissiah’s will, the techpriests declared that the sword has been taken over by war-like machine spirit; an appropriate counterpart to the zealous swordsman Lucius.


Class Melee
Damage: 1D10+6
Type: Energy
Penetration: 6
Rate of Fire: N/A
Clip: N/A
Reload: N/A
Craftsmanship: “Master-Crafted” – (Bumped down to ‘common’ after constant use)
Special Rules: Razor-sharp, Felling (1)

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Pain of Retribution (Power sword)

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