Lucius Alyxander

"Every enemy you slay is a prayer worth a thousand words! Fight on! For today the God-Emperor hears you!"


Lucius Severus Aldebrandt Alyxander


Age: 382
Chapter: Black Templars
Company: N/A, Chapter does not adhere to Codex formations
Rank: “Initiate” (Black Templars), Rank 5 (Deathwatch), (Soon to be Deathwatch Champion)
Role: Assault Marine
Chapter Demeanor: Zealous
Personal Demeanor: Stoic, Distant, Brooding

Weapons: Bolter_Manacle___Chain.jpg
‘Pain of Retribution’ – Signature Power Sword
✠ Standard Mark III Bolt Pistol with combat knife bayonet. (Black Templar Pattern)
✠ Frag Grenades x3
✠ Krak Grenades x3
✠ Standard Astartes Chainsword (Optional)
✠ Godwyn Mark Vb Pattern Bolter or Hesh Pattern Bolter (Optional)
✠ Astartes Thunder Hammer (Optional)
✠ Astartes Combat Shield (Optional)

✠ Standard MK-VII “Aquila” Power Armour
✠ Slightly modified MK-VII Helmet – This Helmet has been jury-rigged with parts of the MK III helmet giving it a barbute-like appearance with visor.
✠ Devotion Chains – Adamantium manacles chain Alexander’s weapons to his wrists, which stay bound until battle is over.

✠ Sacred wards and candles adorning Lucius’s Power Armor.
✠ Full Tabard – Worn from chest down. Made of white cloth with red accents, the tabard bears a large black Amalfi cross on the center. Emblazoned within the center cross is Kill-team Talon’s heraldry (whatever that may be).
Crux Terminatus Honors


Black_Templars_Badge.png The youngest of eighteen siblings of the House Alyxander, Lucius was noble-born on a world conquered by the Black Templar chapter many ages ago. In his youth he spoke little and answered very laconically, his blank face a stark contrast to his eyes which burned with a fiery anger. The laugh-less boy played secret games with practice swords, leaving behind all manner of dead pets. He is most remembered however, for his ability to recite Litanies of Hate and Devotion word for word before his ninth year. It comes to no surprise then that Lucius would have nothing to do in noblemen’s affairs. As his brothers and sisters became Rogue Traders, commissars, and new lords of their own dynasties, Lucius was judged and found worthy to become Astartes.

In three hundred years of service, Lucius has brought the Emperor’s wrath to the enemies of man. Xenos and heretics alike have fallen to whirling buzz of his chainsword and the boom of his bolt-pistol. If actions speak louder than words, then the Templar’s kills fill great bloody volumes of reverence to the God-Emperor. From reclaiming lost artefacts at the Geonide Crusade to slaying Gue’vesa heretics in the Punishment Crusade, Lucius has earned his reputation as one of the many heroic swordsmen in the Chapter. However for all his achievements Lucius has never been honoured as one of the Sword-Brethren. His aloof and withdrawn demeanor removes him far from any sense of brotherhood, thus he has not been able to train any neophytes. Camaraderie is as alien to him as any xenos are to mankind. For the assault marine, he need only silent prayer for company.

In an effort to honour his accomplishments while simultaneously teach Lucius a sense of brotherhood his mentor, Castellan Reinhart, sent him to the Deathwatch to fight alongside other battle-brothers outside the chapter. However there is some controversy on the true reason Reinhart would send his trusted Neophyte all the way to the Deathwatch. Especially since some whisper the involvement of both Marines with the disappearance of Prelate-Imperialis Nadab Saul. Stories tell of Reinhart’s torturous imprisonment of the Prelate-Imperialis, where afterwards Lucius simply threw him into the void. Some say Lucius struck Saul down in one clean cut after the emissary lobbed insults and demands to the chapter. Whether or not Reinhart approved this action varies with the rumor. Unfortunately for the Inquisition, the Black Templars keep their secrets well. There is no evidence that support many of these claims. Regardless of whatever rumor may spread, Lucius ungrudgingly accepted this new duty as a way of bringing more honour to himself and his chapter.

It has been three years since Lucius was first assigned to Kill-team Talon, marking the longest time he has served with one squad. Should he find the fraternal spirit to serve with these new battle-brothers, Lucius may then return to the Eternal Crusader as Sword-Brother equal finally to his mentor. Until then the assault marine continues to serve under the banner of the Inquisition, with his return far from sight and mind. And while his faith in Talon slowly fades, Lucius still hopes to learn the true worth of brotherhood.

“Lead us from death to victory, from falsehood to truth.
Lead us from despair to hope, from faith to slaughter.
Lead us to His strength and an eternity of war.
Let His wrath fill our hearts.
Death, war, and blood;
in vengeance serve the Emperor and the name of Dorn!”

- “Suffer not the Unclean to live”, prayer and vow of the Black Templars

Lucius Alyxander

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