Erzell Tristan

Arc Knights Tactical Marine


Character Name: Erzell Tristan
Age: 172
Original Chapter: Arc Knights


  • Dire Storm – Power Sword
  • Ardent Blaze – Buster Pattern Combi-Flamer


  • Modified MK-III Helmet
  • MK-VIII Right Shoulder Pad
  • Mechanized Left Arm
  • MK-VII “Aquila” Power Armor

+ + +

Ardent Blaze

Range 150m
Pen 8 (*+2)
Clip 28
Reload 1 Full

Felling (1)

*Half of WP bonus is added to AP

Combi-Helfire Flamer

Range 20m
Pen 5
Clip 1
Reload 2 Full


Dire Storm

Pen 6

Power Field
Razor Sharp
Devastating (1)

+ + +


Much was expected from the adopted son of house Tristan. Trained by the standard age of 12 to become a knight of Nia, Erzell would soon join his two elder brothers among the Arc Knights. Training as a Squire for more that 6 years, Erzell was taught how to fight and know his enemy.

Squires that do not meet the specified requirements to become a Knight does not bear any dishonor upon your house. Dishonor would mean that a man did not try or was not willing to die for humanity; and die for the Imperium. A tithe of at least one son must become an Astartes for every house. Noble or Lowborn, the Arc Knights call all recruits to get the chapter up to strength again.

The Matriarch of House Tristan saw much promise in the young Erzell. As the father of the House is among the Arc Knights already, the mother is in charge of caring for her young, preparing them to become Astartes. Erzell had truly been fated for greatness as having a sword in his hands was like part of his arm itself; he was a natural. Though hardheaded at times, he still worked hard to rid himself of unwanted qualities. He often looked down upon people as pride always overtook him in regards to interacting with people. He was taught humbleness at his loss in a duel against his, soon to be friend, Cidean.

Both passing the squire trials, Erzell and Cidean now grace the rank of a fully-fledged Knight. Commanded by their Sargeant Hugh, both of them see their first battle as tactical marines. His squad would be tested alongside their brother astartes. The Knights of the Raven continue on their penitent crusade against the hive fleet Kraken. The Arc Knights aid their brothers in a united effort against the Tyranids.

Erzell finally faces his chapters Arch Enemy. The time his squad had spend aiding the Knights of the Raven had taught him well. It honed his skills, sharpened his edge, and forged him to become stronger. Strong enough to now lead his own squad.

Erzell had shown his right to partake upon the Quest of the Deathwatch during his time as a Sargeant. Leading a Tactical Marine squad just as his Mentor Hugh did, he aimed to always be an example to those under his charge. During an Arc Knight campaign for a hive world cleansing, it was discovered that the planet had a very large genestealer cult.

The mere idea of forsaking your humanity to become a disgusting tyranid infuriated the Arc Knights with the might of a sun. They had fought for their lives, for their homeworld, and people would fall to the very enemy they had fought. The Arc Knights stopped at nothing to eradicate this infestation, not only for this hive world, but also for humanity.

The first step to cleansing a hive is to have recon routes to find the main hive. Erzell knew all to well that they were in the genestealer’s territory and that he was at a disadvantage. In hopes of tipping the scales in the labyrinth-like underbelly of a hive world, him and his squad carried the task of surveying paths other squads could follow.

As they had hoped for, the Genestealer cult weren’t all to welcoming to this idea. Erzell and his squad are beset upon by the abominations combined of man and genestealer. Their Buster Pattern bolters proved to be more than sufficient in dealing with the cultists. Every spiral shot was enough to tear through two cultists at a time. Erzell and his squad press forward as the resistance meant that they were getting close, and their fellow knights weren’t too far behind them. As they reach a passageway intersection, they have a choice of 3 other paths. They set their location as a rally point for other squads to search the other paths, but as Erzell’s squad make their tactical spacing, they are attacked from all sides by Genestealers.

Erzell’s squad covers each other in a circular kill-zone. They send their volley of hatred and disgust at the tyranid genestealers as the xenos close in to cut the astartes apart with their harder than diamond claws. The carcasses of the genestealers pile up as Erzell and his squad are truly marksmen beyond compare. As the attack from the sides thin down, a surprise attack from the ceiling disrupts their formation. A larger genestealer drops down and claims one of Erzell’s squad members. He quickly orders his squad to form up with those close to you, as he deals with the Broodlord himself.

Unsheathing his chainsword, his switches his buster pattern bolter to his left left hand as he fires at the Broodlord. Agile and deadly, the broodlord dodges all the shots and closes in on Erzell. Holstering his Bolter to his side, Erzell prepares himself and goes into a dueling stance. Two swipes from the claws from a Broodlord can easily end an Astartes, and Erzell was lucky he came out of that battle only losing an arm. Successfully parrying the first attack, Erzell gets a quick slash at the abdomen out of it. Though, the second swipe cut his left arm cleanly off, Erzell answers the trade with him jamming his chainsword right into the maw of the broodlord, creating a glorious mess of genestealer gore flying about.

The teeth of Erzell’s chainsword stop its spin, and pulls it out of the Broodlords head in a quick fashion. Standing among his squad that now suffered one more loss, he knew he could not have avoided losses, he would have lost more of his brothers if he had not dealt with the Broodlord.

A few moments after, his brothers soon rendezvous on his squads position. He is met by the Apothecary Cidean, who quickly tends to the wounded and fallen. The other squads now advance through the other passages and continue the cleansing.

Finishing the extraction of the geneseed from that fallen of Erzell’s squad, Cidean tends to Erzell’s lost arm.

Cidean tells Erzell: “You never did learn how to block with your left. That’s why i always beat you when we were kids.”

Erzell replies to Cidean with a wry smile.

The hive cleansing soon finishes after a few hours and Erzell reports to Arc Knight high command. He is then given the news that he is to become a Knight-Errant and quest with the Kill-Teams of the Deathwatch.

Erzell Tristan

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