Space Wolf Adventurer/Hunter


Brother Draegor is a Devastator Space Marine from the Space Wolf Chapter. He is one of many of his Chapter on the great hunt for the whereabouts of their Primarch; Leman Russ. For Draegor however, the hunt is a means to find adventure and find new challenges to prove himself. His recruitment to Deathwatch Kill Team Talon is a peculiar tale. Draegor, in on of his hunts was low on supplies had apparently unknowingly walked inside Kill Team Talon’s defensive perimeter completely undetected. Weather this was due to skill, lack of vigilance on the part of Deathwatch or blind luck meant little to the fact if Draegor was a hostile he could have dealt I lethal blow to the Sons of the Emperor. For Draegor to be in Deathwatch was just another adventure.

With his uncanny wolf senses and superb climbing skills to reach superior vantage points; he has become an invaluable assent as both tracker and hunter for his Kill Team. His tenure as a lone Devastator on the hunt has thought him to quickly locate the best kill zones for his heavy weapons to slay the largest number of foes. When it comes to battling hordes, Draegor excels and is himself a “horde of one”. Together with his signature Twin-Linked Storm Heavy Bolter he affectionately named; “Fang Storm” he unleashes a tidal wave of destruction to the enemies of the Imperium!


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