Deathwatch: Scything Talons

Vostroyan "Lastborn" Regiment - "The Drunk Guys"

(Feel free to edit yourselves)
Sergei – Always too drunk and always too naked. Surprisingly, no one knows what he looks like under his regulation face-mask. Not surprisingly best marksman of entire squad.
(Designated marksman)

Helga – Beautiful sergeant-Wife. Never drinks, because she never gets drunk. Sort of a kill-joy. Only mature person in squad. Is actually a very nice person and loving wife. Unofficial Squad Leader
(Sort of Squad Leader, Fire Team Leader)

Vladimyr – Only married man on team. Has loving relationship with Sergeant-Wife Helga during downtime but otherwise always whipped and nagged on constantly.

Sasha – Always complains about situation but with enough vodka loves everyone. Secretly wishes he was a commissar because of cool hats.

“No-leg” Oleg – Never has shoes. His legs became bloody stumps after months and months of walking. Will always have puns and jokes about his lack of shoes or feet.

Nikolai – Seemingly gullible, and amenable to his stupidity. Will have moments where he’ll state something really intelligent. (Actually most intelligent of the group)
(Automatic Rifleman, Fire Support)

Boris – Always has bullshit stories that noone believes. In reality they’re all true. Only man to ever taste chocolate. Only man to have sex with daemonette and survive. (daemonette actually misses him)

Aleksis – Assigned ASL, though the squad never listens to him. Only sane man yet is sometimes forced to drink. Gets drunk easily. Sgt-Wife Helga is his cousin.
(Specialist. Possibly the driver or a meltagunner) <——Also noone cares.

(Please imagine this picture of Lt. Sasha Kulikovna from the ONLY WAR supplement No Surrender is sergeant-Wife Helga. Accept no substitutes. Now drink.)


Vladimyr: “I think we should get Sasha laid…man is too sad and too prissy all the time.”
Sergei: “Sex isn’t everything Vladimyr, stop flaunting your wife to everyone.”
Boris: "I had sex once when I was boy, it was awful. In Hive once, there was big party. Plenty of drinks, food, then sex with all the women. They came from everywhere at once and all shapes and sizes. "
Vladimyr: “Chush’ sobach’ya! Boris you shit, there was no party!”
Boris: “No is true! There were women everywhere! Brown-skinned, light-skinned, purple-skinned, some with claws for hands!”
Vladimyr: “…uhhh”
Sergei: “Boris…I think you were at gathering of cultists…those women were not women.”
Boris: “Oh! …then that explains all the penises.”

Cokesakto DoomMarshal

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