The Deathwatch are a special Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Drawing membership from many different Chapters, equipped with ofttimes exotic weaponry, operating in small, discrete squads known as Kill-teams, and enacting behind-the-lines missions that challenge even the myriad skills of a monstrous Space Marine, the Deathwatch is humanity’s tip of the spear against the amassed threat of xeno races.

Kill-team Talon is one of a number of Deathwach kill-teams operating in the war-torn Jericho Reach. Under the nominal command of Inquisitor Victoria Aldrich, and based on the Darkest Before Dawn, a fast Inquisitorial frigate, Kill-team Talon goes on interdiction missions, often outnumbered and outgunnned, with only will and wits to match the odds arrayed against them.