Lex Astra

That's not the texture of the gun metal, those are the marks of every one this weapon has slain. Yes, I've replaced the metal quite a few times.


It is with Pride and Honour that I name you Astartes, son of the Emperor.
And it is with Sorrow that I decree that Alone you shall Ride across the stars,
To bring a fleeting sunset to the realms you tread.

- Verse of Initiation, Lone Riders

Name: Lex Astra, the Lone Rider of Jericho
Age: 654
Chapter: Lone Riders
Company: N/A, Chapter does not adhere to Codex formations
Squad / Posse: N/A, All Killed in Action during Alamus Incident
Rank: Sheriff (Captain)
Role: Tactical Marine
Chapter Demeanor: Civitas Imperialis
Personal Demeanor: Casual and Polite
Other Titles: Master Chief of the Photostaticum, Maelstrom Warden, Honorary Raptor, Friend of the Ecclisiarchy, Hero of Saint Joanne’s Hill, Survivor of Alamus, Rough Rider, Proctor of the Sisterhood, Judge of Imperial Law, Ally of Mars among others.
Theme Song Played on His Turn: A Fist Full of Bolts (A Fist Full of Nickels by zircon, XPRTNovice, Jillian Aversa and Jeff Ball)
Seriously, give them money, they are amazing
Or This
Likes: Law, Justice, Order, Fairness and Lawfullness
Dislikes: Revenge, Evil, Lying, Meanness and Not Law

He has dark, leathery skin from his age and hair that has grown to a metal grey matching his revolvers. Of his manner, he draws heavily from the his chapter’s own traditions and customs, mostly the polite, bedside manner they are known for. While there is a disconnect between their demeanor and their imposing presence, not many would challenge an Astartes on the manner they carry themselves, especially one who has deigned to treat them as an equal.

He speaks a peculiar dialect of Low Gothic, but can easily enough be understood by most. He is given to unusual phrases, which many have said to range from strange to somewhat relevant. He is never found without his strange hat and robe, whether he is in Astartes warplate or not. The same can be said of the flask he keeps on his person, which smells much like refined amasec.

As is the way of the Lone Riders, Lex carries Bolt Revolvers instead of the Codex-approved Bolter. Traditionally, one is crafted for him personally and one taken from their former mentor. Lex carries in his bike six other relatively unblemished pistols, of which he does not speak of.

Even Astartes face slow infirmity in the end. Knowing that such a dishonorable fate lies ahead, he has taken to mentoring younger Astartes he meets on his travels, hoping to pass on his hard-won knowledge before he goes to the Emperor’s side. To accomplish this, he abused his authority to “recommend” himself to the Deathwatch after his assignment in the Acheros Salient.



“He had a dry wit, rubbed people the wrong way, and got into every nook and cranny”
- Lex, comparing his former mentor to the sands where they first met

Neophyte and Rider

His journey to serve the Emperor would begin with a stranger from the desert.

In some dustbowl backwater of a planet, a lone wanderer rode into the town of Grox Corral on a large bike. This giant of a man was said to be looking for a heretic who went on to ground in these here parts a few months back and that he was out for their head. This particular heretic was accused of blasphemy, sedition and countless other lesser crimes, and a Rider was called to finally put him down. Then and there, the Rider called out the heretic on a challenge: Beat him on a duel and they get to walk out a free man. Refuse and the Rider will raze this planet to the ground to find them. They had until noon to decide.

And so the Rider waited in front of the Emperor’s chapel, till the orange sun touched the tip of the highest spire. From across the road appeared a figure, come to answer the Rider’s challenge. The heretic had a plasma pistol in holster, enough to dispatch the Rider with a single pull of the trigger. The Rider paid no heed to this and cast aside his cloak, revealing he did not bear his warplate, only a simple garb and the two revolvers at his sides. Both eyed each other, taking a measure of their opponent while they waited for the signal. Like clockwork, the chapel’s bell’s rang its sonorous tones as the gathered crowd looked on in silence. Before the third ringing, the heretic reached for his weapon, but the Rider was still faster on the draw and dispatched the heretic with a solid bolt round. A small mercy for his crimes.

The moment the corpse touched the ground, the crowd cheered and from the far distance, a dozen men ran out of town, his next targets. As the Rider walked to his bounty, a small child ran to the heretic’s body, lifting the pistol and taking aim at his father’s killer. The Rider’s curiosity led him to humor this child, not even old enough for Cadia’s Whiteshields. In the blink of an eye, the Rider swats the pistol from the child’s hand, but not before he could pull the trigger. A bystander was this aspiring Rider’s first target, a victim of sloth. With the will to pull the trigger, the Rider took the child and rode away without a word, leaving the town to bury the ashes. He would be taught by the Rider a great many things over the decades, but the most important lesson he would learn as he stood upon by the body of his mentor: That all of them eventually Ride alone.

Deputy and Sheriff

After two centuries, he reached the rank of Deputy in his chapter, analogous to a sergeant in a Codex formation and was given an ancient Mark IV “Maximus” Pattern as well as a badge denoting his rank. Over the centuries this has been replaced with other components due to damage, most from the Alamus incident. While the success of that assignment would have earned him captaincy, he refused the honour until he has done a tour of duty in “All Five Points of the Imperial Star”, as the Lone Riders call the segmentums.

He accomplished this before coming to three hundred years of age and finally accepted the accolade, but has yet to find the opportunity to return, or find, their Chapter’s current rallying point. Now a veteran marine of the Lone Riders Chapter, he has over six hundred years of combat experience to his name, in theatres all over the five segmentums.

Lone Survivor

Others of his chapter whisper darker reasons for his refusal to accept the title. They suspect that he is cursed somehow, surviving where others could not, taking the Alamus Incident as prime evidence. All six Riders from his Posse died that day, but he somehow held the line against a foe he refuses to speak of. The battle ruined the cogitator core of his armour and only his testimony stands witness to that day. A victory for the Imperium, as the Mechanicus managed to uncover a partial STC of some sort, but the gene-seed of the dead were lost, atomized by whatever weaponry the foe used.

Ultimately, all Riders he meets note the weapons he carries, the six pistols of his former Posse, with less than a century of age between all of them. None dare question the captain on the provenance of the revolvers, as the captain is known to have sired six Riders. Such a number is made possible by the uncommon (though not necessarily heretical) practice of progenoid re-implantation.

Mentor and Penitent

On his self-appointed mission with the Deathwatch, he found what he was looking for. While the mission was a success, after a fashion, the real prize for Lex lies in a young survivor. If he be found worthy, perhaps he will earn a pistol of his own and give Lex the absolution he has been seeking for the past three centuries, on this side of the grave or the other.


As Lex awakes from his fugue state within the Darkest Before Dawn, his mind turns once more to the child. It would be the gravest of sins to renege on his oaths to the Deathwatch to take leave with the child. He wagers he is well within his rights to claim his Vigil over, as he has served for a single mission, and as company captain of an Astartes chapter no one would question him. But the weapons at his side beg to differ. Casting his mind to the mission, at the most critical of moments they failed him – both his own and that of his mentor’s – and in the process endangered the battle-brothers and sister in his command.

So now Lex bides his time, teaching the child about the ways of the Imperium. He already knows much about brotherhood and courage, so Lex teaches him about something more. About the ways beyond battle, that of war and crusades. About the ways of Bolt and Blade, of Faith and Fury. For if what they say about Hethgard is true, it will yet be the child’s true crucible against the Imperium’s foes.

The child is the last of his kind, but also the first. He will be taught the ways of the Astartes through the unending Vigil first, and the Chapter second. What the Inquisitor will make of this is uncertain but ultimately irrelevant. Even she holds no authority over the Emperor’s Finest.

He has already made the necessary arrangements with Xhenek, and Steward Militant Vierling of Hethgard has been notified of the request. Given the manifests of all outgoing vessels from the Hethgard Anchorage, Lex now plans his next moves carefully. He will join his fellow Kill-Team members for what may be his last mission, and see how much the child has learned.

After, if they happen to find passage beyond the Well of Night, so be it.



Steadying a bloodied arm, Dictum squeezes the trigger, the weapon’s punishing recoil throwing him off the floor and into a wall. Barely conscious after the impact, he struggles to right himself, the wound on his chest reopening to unleash two sprays of blood as his one good arm finally gives way.

Lex finishes with the last two Warriors, dispatching them with deadly accuracy. He learned his lessons well in Khnum. Sweeping his guns for further targets, Lex jumps back up to the ruined hangar, using the floating debris and corpses as stepping stones.

Their voyage was cut short by the major offensive by the Tyranids, the docks above Hethgard a killing field where all ships have been taken by the Lord Admiral to hold the beasts at bay.

Finally finding Dictum’s ruined form, he takes the child and the rifle in each arm, jumping off into the void as their extraction arrives.

Resting his unconscious form on the assault ram’s many cradles, Lex places the rifle to the side as he makes his way to the pilot.

Punctual as usual, Warden
Lex takes the copilot seat as they veer away from the platform, already being torn apart by explosions from within

I trust it went smoothly?
The Storm Warden’s eyes glued to the forward screen as he strafes a Tyranid horde battling Navy ratings, ichor and chitin floating off into space.

Mostly. I think he’s ready for the next implants
With a hiss, his helmet depressurizes and placed aside, but he deigns of keep his hat on

I was talking about this operation. Surely you have misgivings about this plan?
He steals a glance at the Lone Rider, already partaking of his canteen

Save a miracle, Bastion Primaris is lost. I’m quite sure that even if we fail, we can’t make it much worse. You can’t taint a well that’s already poisoned
Holding out the canteen, the Storm Warden stares for a moment before declining.

For a dead man, you still have a few tricks, Captain
The Sargent giving a smirk as they smash right through a Harridan as if it were parchment.

Who says I’m dead?
Lex giving a bemused look to his pilot as he loads his revolvers

It seems an Inquisitor did, as vouched by a Deathwatch Kill Team. Claw or…
The Warden trailing off as he reaches into memory


Lex spins the cylinders of his revolvers, each chamber marked with a name.

Dextero, Aequs, Candius, Verus, Probitus, Pectus

Something amiss, captain?
The Warden sees the Rider mouth off words at the edge of his sight

Nothing. Is the Kill-Marine finished with his section?
Satisfied with his preparations, he stands up, exiting the cockpit.

Unverified, his vox is dormant

The assault ram swings around the wreck of a defence station, plasma bleeding into the void as its final moments come. Catching the rifle flying in the weightless compartment, Lex reseals his helm as he slams the control rune. The ramp pushes out, revealing a dense field of bodies, both human and alien, alive and dead. Focusing on the station’s hangar, lux globes go dark as power is lost and multi-limbed creatures take offence at their luminous craft. A few leap off from the platform and other floating shapes glide in silence towards them.

Open fire!

Planting his feet, Lex aims at the farthest targets, relying on his pilot to take care of the rest. Each shot hits home as Vulcan Bolt rounds explode within the xenos, no match for the ordinance his weapon carries. In five shots the rifle is emptied and five Tyranid Warriors go down as more of them come. In a motion that can only come from experience, he slings the rifle and draws his two revolvers, taking two more to death without a thought of aiming. The assault ram carries its weight as magna-melta cannons boil everything in their front arc and smashes the rest with its namesake.

Coming close to the hangar, a humanoid silhouette is glimpsed against the shadows pressing against it. Like fluid ink, it slides through the others as it takes either their limbs or their life. As the last of the shadows are scattered and it stands alone, it looks up to the assault ram, as if awaiting its arrival. Lux torches focus on the creature, its features hazy and indistinct even in the actinic light.

Leaping up to their craft, it looks at the Rider, its helmet a daemonic mien, more fit with the worst of the Traitor Legions. With talons and blades jutting from its arms and a cloying darkness which pervades even inside the well lit chamber. Without a word, it hands over a detonator to Lex, as the ramp closes and re-pressurizes.

What is the next course of action?
A grating voice emanates from the helmet, its tone promising violent death even with the simple query

We cover the Guard’s extraction, and perhaps of other important assets as well. Take us to low orbit, Warden
The station flares blinding light as its plasmic heart explodes, consuming everything for kilometers.

The Inquisitor?
The figure stands vigil over the ramp, as if expecting it to open in moments

I would not be so sure, Nox, there is more to her than you may believe
Looking away, he studies Dictum, hearing disembodied whispers about the boy


“Shoot twice”
- Attributed to Lex after being challenged by an Inquisitor on how to dispatch the two traitor legionnaires pinning them.

As Sheriff, he is assigned to higher priority requests from the Imperium, such as being inducted into an experienced Deathwatch Kill-Team. Over the course of his service to the Emperor, he has been assigned to many branches of the Imperium, such as, but not limited to:

Adeptus Arbites, as a “morale” asset for the precinct in a Hive World. Reported Imperial crimes reduced to 3 every minute from 8,478 over the course of three years. On an unrelated note, a new variant of amasec became popular with the garrison of the Precinct-Fortress.

Adeptus Mechanicus security detail for a group researching “Star Gods” in the Alamus system. Details classified by Inquisitorial edict. Armor and weaponry severely compromised, given assignment to Gryphonne IV to refit and assist in Astartes armour and weapon development. Given MK VIII plating for field testing. No further progress after eight years of assignment.

Recommended as disciplinary and athletics instructor to Sanctuary 101 of the Adeptus Sororitas in the Vidar Sector after the Alamus incident. Tenure lasted 5 years, graduating 50 Sisters. Gifted a Red Rose petal in stasis as a mark of service.

Administratum taskmaster to maintain and improve the tithe of a Hive City in the Scarus Sector. Production issues found to be a REDACTED infestation. Exterminated with assistance from PDF forces.

Commissariat “adviser” to one of the battlefronts in the Acheros Salient. Guard regiments performed better than expected with only a 84% casualty rate for every kilometer of ground taken. Last posting before the Deathwatch.

Accosted by a Dark Angel task force due to mistaken identity while on transit to next assignment. Upon proof of innocence, and challenges from the attached Chaplain, Lex served in a single assignment to +ARCHIVE DELETED+. Due to his contributions to the success of the operation, he was given leave, under grave oaths of silence, despite the mundane nature of the mission.

Ecclesiarchal Ambassador to Ophelia VII. His casual and more open demeanor allowed him to ingratiate himself with the flocked masses, prompting many to listen to the Space Marine’s words. Many men and women joined the Sororitas and Missionarus Galaxia that day. For his service to the faith, he was gifted with a power field placed within his badge as a sign of unity between the two groups.

Imperial Guard, as the adviser turned-impromptu-commander of an Attilan Rough Riders regiment when their Colonel was slain in combat. Planetary rebellion suppressed two years ahead of schedule.

Imperial Navy, as the chief security officer in the Battlefleet Gothic flagship Divine Right. No outstanding events reported.

Inquisitorial representative of the Astartes during a meeting with +ARCHIVE DELETED+

Participated in the cull of young psykers in support of the League of Blackships. A warp eddy forces the ship to translate to real space, where they run aground a planet. The Emperor’s Mercy was granted to the psykers to prevent any daemonic incursions.

Specialist assigned to the Maelstrom Warders, as a city-fighting and close combat operative. Present in the Scourge campaign and fought with the Lamenters to destroy the space hulk Unhallowed Heart. Redeployed soon after when the Lamenters were censured by the Inquisition for delaying the hulk’s destruction at the expense of the planet below. Lex keeps his own counsel on the matter.

Served as security attachment alongside a Black Templar and a Sister to a Missionarus Galaxia expedition based in the Calixis sector. Majority of assignment took place in a feral world near the borders of the sector. Reluctantly demonstrated miracles of invulnerability to the natives as proof of the Emperor’s divinity. Deaths to emulate the feat deemed acceptable by the missionaries.

As Honorary Sergeant-Instructor assigned to the Raptors after their losses in the Fourth Quadrant rebellion. Drilled recruits in marksmanship and firing cants. Given Armour-integrated Combat Sight sight as sign of brotherhood.

After his tenure in the Blackships, he was to head a Remembrancer department in the Library Sanctus on Holy Terra itself. During his eight year stay, he was able to master the rites of the Photostaticum and produce a copy of the Tactica Imperium. A superhuman feat given the scale of the work. For the achievement, he was awarded an honorary position as Master Chief, Order of the Photostaticum. Lex petitioned to have his tenure shortened despite the protests of his new brethren.

Loaned to a Rogue Trader Dynasty by the name of Seikilos for the purposes of +ARCHIVE DELETED+

Unofficial outrider attached to Warmaster Slaydo’s staff during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Arrived in Fornax Aleph a week before the Iron Snakes task force. Investigations in northern pole revealed the cause of the disappearance of both the previous inhabitants and General Elbeth’s forces. Departed to request additional forces, but was unable to warn Iron Snakes, who sustained severe casualties but achieved success. Official stance on disappearances marked as “unexplained”.

Schola Progenium, as commander of a probationary Shock Troop company, leading the charge up the infamous Saint Joanne’s Hill. Performed on foot to lead the charge. None passed the test due to the 100% casualty rate. The Schola thanks Lex for his service, but refrains from requesting another Lone Rider until the next century.

His most recent posting is with the Deathwatch, although for how long, he is unsure. Due to his tenure in the myriad organizations of the Imperium, he has a broad, if not deep, web of connections he can draw upon, but is reluctant to do so.

On the topic of crunch

Chapter Characteristic Modifiers

+5 Ballistic Skill and +5 Agility

Lone Riders Primarch’s Curse: Shame of the Survivor

While regarded as a statistical anomaly, the survival rate of Lone Riders fare much higher than other Astartes on record, somehow living where other combatants (Allies or otherwise) suffer only death. This has caused some Lone Riders to take suicidal actions to save others, even those that are not Astartes

Level 1 (In harm’s way): If they have a Reaction, the Lone Rider must use it to Dodge (Not Parry) into a nearby ally who is under attack, using his own body as cover. The Lone Rider performs this action before the target can use their own reaction. The Lone Rider need not perform this if his Dodge cannot reach the ally.

Level 2 (One for Another): If an ally is under attack or in immediate danger, the Lone Rider must spend their action to intercept or engage the attacker or attempt to remove them from danger, with no heed to their own safety.

Level 3 (Death’s Bargain): If they have a Fate Point, the Rider must Burn it to save a dying comrade. The Lone Rider prevents the ally from Burning a Fate Point if they have one.

Battle Fatigue

Mentor and Mediator

The battle-brother believes in unity above all, even above honour or slights that may come between disparate groups. This may cause friction when the battle-brother does not inquire deeper about the underlying issues and rifts, which may come to a head sooner or later

Lone Riders Advance Table (In Bold are taken. Yes)

Aside from their famous gunfighting skills, a Lone Rider must be self-sufficient and have the ability to attend to the needs of his charges.

They are familiar with varied skills, but are not the masters of them. They are, however, supreme gunfighters.

Medicae (400)
Medicae +10 (400)
Tech Use (400)
Tech Use +10 (400)
Ciphers (Inquisition) (400)
Ciphers (Inquisition) +10 (400)
Leap Up (500)
Lightning Reflexes (500)
Crack Shot (500)
Deadeye Shot (500)
Sharpshooter (600)
Independent Targeting (800)
Target Selection (800)
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) (800)
Gunslinger (1000)

Lone Wanderer Advance Table (In Bold are taken. Yes)

A Lone Rider that is unfortunate enough to survive for this long commands the respect of those around him and they seem in him the possibility of survival even in the darkest of times. Well informed about the galaxy at large, they eventually gather knowledge others would rather stay hidden.

A leader of men, keeper of secrets and worst of all, a survivor.

Acrobatics 400
Acrobatics +10 400
Lore: Forbidden (Any) 400
Lore: Forbidden (Any) +10 400
Lore: Forbidden (Any) 400
Lore: Forbidden (Any) +10 400
Hardy 400
Last Man Standing 500
Iron Discipline 600
Into the Jaws of Hell 600
Jaded 600
Mental Fortitude 800
Duty Unto Death 800
Step Aside 800
Born in the Saddle 1000
Eye of Vengeance 1000

Special Attributes

Cost: 1,000 XP at character creation

Gain Combat Bike w/ Homing Beacon as Standard Issue
Can do Evasive Maneuvering as a Half Action Instead of a Full Action
Never suffer more than a -10 to any drive test for riding into dangerous terrain, weather effects etc.



MK IV “Maximus” Pattern Power Armor – The Eternal Panoply
Armour Rating = Limbs and Head (5); Body (7)
Armour Histories = 5

Ancient beyond reckoning, they say this armour was passed on from different chapters. From the First Pacification of Luna as witnessed by an Astartes from the XIII Legion, to a Death Guard fleeing with Captain Garro from Isstvan III, to a brave Imperial Fist holding the line at the Imperial Palace, this armour is said to have borne witness to Imperial History, but has respectfully not been pried for the truths of that age. It has been rebuilt and repaired many times over, finally becoming its current incarnation as a Mark IV Astartes warplate.

I. Integrated Combat Sights

A gift from his assignment in the Raptors, the integrated sight allows Lex prosecute the enemies of the Emperor no matter where they hide
Shadow Light (No ranged attack Penalties from cloaking, darkness, chameleon cloak effects etc.) and Audible Trigger (-10 to attack total concealment targets from -30). Counts as one sight. One sight usable per weapon still applies.

II. MK VI Components

Replacing the leg plates and internal systems of his armour, they allow Lex to move swiftly in battle
+10 Agility

III. Early MK VIII plating

An early variant of the Errant armor, it is much lighter although suffers from flaws in Mechanicus metallurgy
+10 Agility, but -1 Armour to Body location

IV. Unbowed and Unbroken

Though battered and beaten, this armour has survived the Great Crusade, the Horus Heresy and whatever horrors the 41st Millennium can throw at it as if the Emperor himself gives protection to this armour. That it resonates well with Force Fields can only help matters
Armour – 1 all locations; Gain Field Rating equal to wearer’s Willpower Characteristic. This Field does not Overload as it represents the almost divine resilience of the armour.
If already possessing a Field with a higher rating, increase it instead by 1/4 the wearer’s Willpower Characteristic (Round Up as usual). Only one Field active still applies.

V. A Hero’s Spirit

The machine spirit waxes strong when breached, and when the blood of its occupant is spilled, the wearer is suffused with the might and skill of legionnaires of old
The first time in any combat that the power armour is breached and the occupant spills blood (i.e. takes a wound) the armour’s machine spirit is roused in some way.

Examples Include:
Injured fighting the Traitor Legions, the occupant receives visions of past battles, of where the loyalists struck the power armour of their foes.
Bombarded by artillery, the marine’s auto senses blur and superimposed over his sight is the siege of the Emperor’s Palace. He sees how the shells have a pattern, and learns to find openings in the barrage.
Beset by hordes of beasts, the memories of the first Battle of Luna come flooding back, and the marine knows how to herd the cattle into a crossfire.

Other Effects:
+15 to Fellowship tests with fellow Astartes due to the age of the Armour

Badge of Rank – Signature Wargear (Master)

By right as Sheriff, Lex has been given his badge of rank, a close equivalent to the traditional Iron Halo. It is less visible, but serves well when meeting Imperial functionaries.

Integrated Power Field
Rating: 55
Overload Range: 1-10
+2 To Initiative (Signature Wargear effect)

Hat and Poncho

The traditional garb of his chapter, they serve the Rider well in the elements.

Makes him look like a badass


8x Holt 45 Pattern Bolt Revolvers
The Lone Rider always carries eight revolvers on his person and bike, but he never draws the other six

Class: Pistol
Damage: 1d10+12 (+14 with Mighty Shot)
Penetration: 5
Type: Explosive
Range: 50m
Rate of Fire: 1
Clip: 6
Reload: Full
Special Rules: Tearing, Accurate

Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10-2 (+8 with Strength Bonus)
Penetration: 0
Type: Rending
Range: N/A
Rate of Fire: N/A
Reload: N/A
Special Rules: Blade broken off from overuse

Frag Grenades
Class: Thrown
Damage: 2d10+2
Penetration: 0
Type: Explosive
Range: SB x 3 (30)
Rate of Fire: N/A
Reload: N/A
Special Rules: Blast (4)

Krak Grenades
Class: Thrown
Damage: 3d10+4
Penetration: 6
Type: Explosive
Range: SB x 3 (30)
Rate of Fire: N/A
Reload: N/A
Special Rules: N/A


Astartes Combat Bike
Lone Riders operate alone for extended amounts of time, and all are familiar with this pattern of Combat Bike.

Ground Vehicle
Tactical Speed : 25m
Cruising Speed: 140 Kph
Maneuverability: +20
Structural Integrity: 18
Size: Hulking
Armour: F(18), S(16), R(16)
Weapons: None. No Weapon Mounting, Reinforced Plating
Special Rules: Reinforced Plating (Half Critical Damage), Homing Beacon

Flask containing unknown alcoholics
Pendant from a Khnum native – Given to the sole surviving native
Red Rose petal in stasis

Solo Mode Abilities

Solo Mode Rank 1
Name: Gone with the Wind
Type: Active

The Lone Riders are famous not only for their lightning-fast reflexes, but also their ability to weave in and out of the battlefield.

After a Ranged Attack, a successful Challenging (+0) Agility test (or Drive or Pilot relevant) allows the Rider to make a standard Half-Move (or the vehicle’s Tactical Speed) as a Free Action. Can only ever be done once per round.

At Rank 3 = Ability can be done even when Pinned.
At Rank 5 = Ability counts as having the benefits of Tactical Advance (Gain cover bonus of former cover)
At Rank 7 = Ability counts as having the benefits of the Hard Target Talent (-20 BS to hit)

Solo Mode Rank 3
Name: Imperial Jurisdiction
Type: Passive

Due to their operating doctrine, they are known as allies (though not necessarily friends) of every Imperial Institution.

Upon meeting a member of an Imperial organization for the first time, roll a d10, on a result equal or lower than the Rider’s Fellowship bonus, that means that he has served with them or their organization and comes to see the Rider as a trusted ally in grave matters. In game terms, this improves the disposition by one level (+10) for interaction tests. In roleplay terms, they may be more trusting of the Rider than if he were not known to them.

On a failure, the Rider has served satisfactorily, but may not have met eye-to-eye with his associates. In game terms, this degrades the disposition by one level (-10) for interaction tests. In roleplay terms, they may only begrudgingly agree to cooperate with the Rider after some perceived wrong is paid back.

The Roll is done when appropriate of course (New planet, sector, time etc.)

At Rank 5 = The Rider has served the Emperor through stranger ways. Once per game session, the Rider can attempt the roll with non-Imperials (Traitors, Xenos etc.). GM is the final arbiter of what is allowed.
At Rank 7 = Due to his wide service, he becomes hated and feared in equal measure by the Imperium’s foes. Roll a d10 as per the rules, but for enemies. Success: Gain Fear equal to half Fellowship Bonus (Rounded up). Failure: Enemies gain Hatred (Lone Riders) with the WS bonus being 5 x Fellowship Bonus.

Squad Mode Abilities

Squad Mode (Attack Pattern)
Name: Up Saint Joanne’s Hill!
Cohesion: 3
Sustained: Yes

The Kill-Team concentrate their efforts and become a deadly whirlwind, attacking and moving with equal speed.

Those in Squad mode can perform a Half or Full-Action of the Movement Subtype and still perform a different Half or Full-Action (Cannot be of the Movement Subtype, Charge still allowed)

Squad Mode (Defensive Pattern)
Name: Remember Alamus!
Cohesion: 3
Sustained: Yes

Drawing on their fortitude as brothers in arms, they fight back-to-back against their foes.

Those in Squad mode count as being in Overwatch if they choose to be. They can still perform standard actions as usual. They can use their battle brothers as cover, giving them a cover rating equal to the armor of the Body location. Such is their dedication that whenever they use each other as cover, they apply cover bonuses to Blasts, Flame, Scatter and related attacks.


Much like the Hana page, for your reference and I guess practice too! No Magical Realms here nosireebob!

Lex After Descent into Darkness – Note the lack of Poleyn, Couter and general damage to armour.

Lex Astra

Deathwatch: Scything Talons Cokesakto Veloranz