Deathwatch: Scything Talons

The Sojourners within Dawn

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Lex – Crossroads

As Lex awakes from his fugue state within the Darkest Before Dawn, his mind turns once more to the child. It would be the gravest of sins to renege on his oaths to the Deathwatch to take leave with the child. He wagers he is well within his rights to claim his Vigil over, as he has served for a single mission, and as company captain of an Astartes chapter no one would question him. But the weapons at his side beg to differ. Casting his mind to the mission, at the most critical of moments they failed him – both his own and that of his mentor’s – and in the process endangered the battle-brothers and sister in his command.

So now Lex bides his time, teaching the child about the ways of the Imperium. He already knows much about brotherhood and courage, so Lex teaches him about something more. About the ways beyond battle, that of war and crusades. About the ways of Bolt and Blade, of Faith and Fury. For if what they say about Hethgard is true, it will yet be the child’s true crucible against the Imperium’s foes.

The child is the last of his kind, but also the first. He will be taught the ways of the Astartes through the unending Vigil first, and the Chapter second. What the Inquisitor will make of this is uncertain but ultimately irrelevant. Even she holds no authority over the Emperor’s Finest.

He has already made the necessary arrangements with Xhenek, and Steward Militant Vierling of Hethgard has been notified of the request. Given the manifests of all outgoing vessels from the Hethgard Anchorage, Lex now plans his next moves carefully. He will join his fellow Kill-Team members for what may be his last mission, and see how much the child has learned.

After, if they happen to find passage beyond the Well of Night, so be it.

Andromakles – Seven

Since leaving the ++REDACTED++ system, Makaon Andromakles has chosen sanctuary in labor. Whether it was ministering to the needs of his battle brothers, studying what data they were able to retrieve, drilling in one of the gymnasia aboard the Dawn or seeing to his wargear, it has been observed that the Apothecary is always in a state of motion. As if he were loathe to rest.

And he cannot. Not with the seven watching over him.

Seven figures in the gunmetal plate of his Chapter. Seven who have laughed with him, mourned alongside him and have guided him for the best part of a century. Seven who have stood shield-to-shield with him in the face of ravening hordes of greenskins to the shrieking warhosts of the Eldar, who have saved his life more times than could be counted and whose lives he saved in return.

Seven he would have died for and who would have done the same for him.

Seven who have died on his watch.

Kleiados, youngest of Parthus. First-cast killer. Maodes, who bore the squad’s record of most kills and a fine singer who knew every Ithakan lay. Gruff Argaryos, the oldest of the phratry and the sergeant’s right hand. Rhodel, accomplished warrior who threw the Apothecary on his back during his Trial. Zeno, who had begun to show signs of the Gift…

And Thraxes, noble Thraxes. Teller of tales and glorious warrior of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Hero who fought upon Fornax Aleph and tore the spine out of Sa’mun’haim, favored of the Grandfather of Decay, and banished him from this plane for all time. Seydon, Lord of the Phratry, called him “gifted”. Parthus called him “Commander”. Andromakles called him “friend”.

With burning eyes and sundered plate, they watch over him as he monitors the vital signs of Lex Astra. They are his audience in the gymnasium. They are his sentinels as he pores over Klute’s notes.

Makaon Andromakles does not want them there. But there is nothing he can say. And there is nowhere to hide from their judgement.


Cokesakto Veloranz

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